“Ocean” Hand Braided Kumihimo Argentium Silver necklace, Apatite, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, Opal, 22k Black Diamond Clasp

"Unicorn" Hand Braided Kumihimo Argentium Silver necklace, Quartz, Opal, Emerald, Pearl, Blue Topaz, 22 Clasp

"Magic Tourmaline" Handmade Tourmaline Crystal Necklace/Chain 22k & Natural Crystal

"Lucky Stone" Gerard Dr Beach Quartz Necklace with Pearls on Hand Braided Kumihimo Silk

22k Gold and Fine Silver Handmade Chain Necklace Fresh water pearls, Aquamarine and Jelly Opal

22k Gold Textured pendant with black and Yellow Diamonds, Kumihimo Silk Braided Necklace with 22k Gold terminations.

22k Space Oval Blob with Kumihimo Braided Argentium Silver Chain Necklace

22k Gold Cold-Formed Pulmeria Flower with center Ruby on a 18k Gold and Ruby Chain necklace, 22k Gold hand-made Clasp

22k Gold and Argentium Silver Sand Dollar and hook Black Diamond and 18k White Gold Necklace

Handmade Abstract 22k Gold Chain with Black Spinel Necklace

22k Blob, Ruby Pendant on a Freshwater Pearl Necklace with a 22k Gold clasp

22k Gold Blob Pendants with Yellow and Clear Diamonds, Ruby on Freshwater Pearl Necklaces with 22k Gold clasps.

22k Gold Peace Signs on a 22k Gold and Sterling Silver Handmade Chain, variable length

22k Gold Peace Sign, Argentium Silver Necklace with a 22k Gold Clasp